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Introducing our Global Premium Brands Product Partners

In order to bring you the best, we need to work with the best. Learn more about the various brands we work with and the devices and equipment they allow Greenville Electrical to supply.

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Your industry leaders


Our chosen partner for plate heat exchangers, Danfoss is a global company that prioritises energy efficiency, decarbonisation and optimised solutions, with a division specialised in heat exchangers. Danfoss pioneers solutions for customers to enable decarbonisation and ensures carbon neutrality in their own operations. Greenville Electrical is a proud partner of Danfoss.

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Our chosen name for VSDs (Variable Speed Drives) Danfoss is a global company that prioritises energy efficiency, climate control and infrastructure with a focus on drives and a range of power solutions.


Greenville Electrical is a proud partner of Danfoss, being the first Danfoss Drives PartnerNet Competence Centre for the UK and Ireland.

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Specialists in the manufacture of a variety of electrical equipment, particularly low-voltage switchgear, distribution boards and circuit protection devices. Their products range from single-pole and neutral distribution boards to factory-built switchboards for commercial, industrial and retrofit solutions, of which we supply to Belfast and throughout the UK.

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Our partnership with Schneider stems across three main areas of their business; universal enclosures, power distribution in the form of low-voltage switchgears and circuit protection, and industrial, focussing on automation products such as contactors, MCPBs and safety sensors. Combining an extensive range with their stringent quality checks, their equipment allows you to ensure electrical equipment is secure and working optimally.

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A company founded in 1865, it’s fair to say, Legrand are masters within their trade. We draw on their expertise and broad range of electrical components to provide busbars, powertracks, cable management and power outlets for various applications. Their Electrak and Zucchini collections offer versatile and extremely convenient ways to manage power distribution, seamlessly connecting your equipment irrespective of the environment.

Legrand logo

A company focussed on the production of electrical components for all industries, in addition to GRP and stainless-steel enclosures. Impressed by their quick turnaround times and the enviable standard of their manufacturing processes, we utilise their product range for disconnect and changeover switches, including 3-pole and 4-pole, as well as isolators and various enclosures to keep your equipment protected.

Salzer logo

For many industries, the correct testing and reporting of water quality is imperative. Understanding our client base, we work with Hach to supply water analytics equipment that can deliver, boasting products that meet the latest regulatory standards and guidelines within this field. The product offering is extensive with the DR3900, DR1900, LT200 and DRB200 thermostats and spectrophotometers, as well as LCK and TNT test kits.

Hach logo

This manufacturer is a leader in marine, mobile and off-grid powers solutions, founded in 1991 to bring a range of product lines showcasing innovation in technology. The company focuses on developing energy-efficient products including batteries and chargers, inverters, alternators, DC-DC convertors, in addition to their Mass series of chargers and MasterBus, a plug and play information system.

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A division of Honeywell International, HPS provides automation control, instrumentation, and services for a wide range of industries. They claim to be dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, safety, and reliability of industrial processes through the application of advanced technologies and solutions, of which they demonstrate with their range of automation and control systems that we provide.

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We’re proud of our partnership with General Electric Grid Solutions, working together to fulfil specification requests for our clients. Through collaboration, we’re able to develop and implement innovative solutions for the evolving needs of the industries we work with, offering both grid automation, high-voltage equipment and grid integration technologies that deliver.

General Electric Grid Solutions logo

WAGO is a German company that specialises in electrical interconnection, automation and electronic interfaces. By joining forces with this manufacturer, we can fulfil the needs of your operation from PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), terminals and power supply systems, delivering for various applications and environments.

Wago logo

A renowned name known for their high-quality cables, made here in the UK. Clynder Cables is our chosen manufacturer of panel, tri-rated, control and signal cables, with many products holding both UL and CSA accreditations. These components are essential for a range of uses, as you’ll see in your own project.

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An extensive range of metering systems, relays, current transformers and other digital tools to monitor the power within your establishment.

This a brand envied in the industry, going back to basics to provide market leading products for every nature.

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Call to speak with our sales teams, agree on the appropriate for your system, and to obtain invaluable technical support and advice.

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