Danfoss RT Pressure Switch


RT switches are used in general industrial, heating and marine sectors.

The RT single pressure switches series consist of a variety of controls including neutral zone pressure switches and safety pressure switches for steam boiler plants.

The Danfoss RT pressure switch programme covers working ranges from -1bar up to 30bar. The switches feature high accuracy, repeatability and stability over time, making them highly reliable. Outstanding vibration stability ensures for flawless operation even in heavy-duty applications.

All contacts are “snap-action” types, maintaining the contact force until the moment of contact break. Units with gold-plated contacts are ideal for low electrical loads while the silver-cadmium contacts are developed for high loads.

RT switches have been in service for more than 70 years.


  • Pressure ranges: -1 – 30bar
  • Replaceable contact system.
  • Also available with gold-plated contact systems.
  • Fail-safe design.
  • Adjustable differential.
  • Enclosure IP66.
  • Available with TÜV approvals.
  • Available with min. and max. rest function (IP54).
  • Also available as differential switch.
  • Available with all relevant marine approvals.
  • Contact type: SPDT.
  • Contact material: Silver cadmium oxide (other contact types available as accessories. Please contact us for details).
  • Loads: AC-1 (ohmic) 10A, 400V | AC-3 (motor) 4A, 400V | AC-15 (inductive) 3A, 400V.
  • Ambient temperature: -50 to 70ºC.
  • Pressure connections: G 3/8 A

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