GE Grid Solutions

GE Grid Solutions

GE Grid Solutions serves customers globally with more than 17,000 employees in approximately 80 countries.

Grid Solutions equips 90% of power utilities worldwide to bring power reliably and efficiently

 In today’s age of accelerating energy transition, the reliability, security and efficiency of the grid remain paramount. Also, Grid Solutions helps enable utilities and industry to effectively manage electricity from the point of generation to the point of consumption.

From the Point of Generation to End Power Consumers

We continue to build on our extensive technical know-how and close awareness of local demands, operating conditions and regulations to continuously improve our products and service. This breadth of experience supports the development and manufacturing of electrical systems which meet or exceed all industry standards and requirements.

Our dedicated teams of Key Account Managers, Customer Service, Design, Technical, Manufacturing, Logistics and Quality all work together to provide a system of support and potential growth for our customers and partners