841 Commercial Time and Bell-Ringing Control

841 Commercial Time and Bell-Ringing Control

Model 841 is a single channel unit.
Model 842 us a two channel unit. The two channels operate totally
independently of each other and can have different programmes set.
Both the models have a number of common features as described
The Day and Time are displayed as fi ve digits on the liquid crystal display
The fi rst digit in its separate window marked Day will be numerical from
1 to 7 which may be allocated in sequence to the days of the week at the
user’s discretion. The normal convention is Monday = 1, Tuesday = 2 ………
Sunday = 7.
The remaining four digits in the window marked Time will display the time
to a resolution of one minute from 0000 to 2359.
A short ‘bleep’ will be heard if a keypad is pressed. In addition when a
numeric keypad is pressed the associated digit on the LCD will either
blink or change.
The 3 position selector switch (one for each channel on Model 842) may
be set to Off to override the programmes or may be set to Auto to follow
the programme which has been set, the third position marked Manual is
a continuous ON but only as long as the switch is held down.
The output status indicator light will be illuminated when the selector
switch is at Auto and a programme event occurs, or when the selector
switch is held in the Manual position.
The unit can be set at time of installation to provide either an On duration
from 1 to 15 seconds in half second pulses, or a continuous pulse from 1 to
15 seconds. (In the case of Model 842 each channel can be set to different
pulse types but of the same duration).
It is recommended that the key be removed from the keyswitch to prevent
unauthorised or accidental changes to the settings. The key can only be
removed when in Run position.

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Short Code

Ambient Temperature Max

45 °C




50/60 Hz


115 mm


200 per week Pulsed

Output Relay Rating Inductive

5 A

Output Relay Rating Resistive

15 A

Override Function


Supply Voltage Range AC

230 V

Switch Type





228 mm