Greenville Services

At Greenville, we are continuously enhancing our product range as well as our services. Currently, we have 6 Core Service Areas: FBA Department, Danfoss DrivePro®, 24/7 Engineer Contact, VSD Repair, Flow Meter Verification and finally, training.

Check out what we can provide for your business:

At Greenville, we are a major stockist of Dorman Smith switch-gear. Our FBA Department offer custom built assemblies for Metered Power & Lighting Boards to comply with Part L2 regulations.

The first appointed Danfoss Drives PartnerNet Competence Centre in the UK and we are currently the only Centre on the island of Ireland

Get the most out of your AC Drives when they are assisted by DrivePro® services for Danfoss VLT® and VACON®drives

We know the importance of minimising down-time.

At Greenville, we offer a VSP Repair service 

Looking for a verification service for Danfoss/Siemens Magflo flowmeters?
See what we can do for you! 

At Greenville can offer training courses either in-house or on site ensuring your engineers are competent in the use of Danfoss VSDs