Flow Meter Verification

Flow Meter Verification

Greenville offer a verification service for Danfoss/Siemens Magflo  flowmeters.

Siemens FM electromagnetic flow measuring devices ( formally Danfoss Magflo) can be inspected with our plug and play Verificator case. The on-site, fully automatic performance check is done in less than 20 minutes, without interrupting the flowmeter installation, and without expensive removal or installation costs.

The Sitrans FM verificator allows our engineers to provide an easy and reliable on-site verification for the following SITRANS FM transmitters and sensors:

MAG1100, MAG1100 Food, MAG3100, MAG5100W, MAG5000 and MAG6000

For ISO9000 and ISO14001 documentation a MAG verification certificate can be printed as handover from contractor to end user.


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