Vacon® 100 Flow Drive


Total Motor Starting Solution

VACON® 100 FLOW is an AC drive dedicated to improving flow control in pumping and ventilating applications. It combines the core functionality of VACON® 100 with dedicated functons that are specifically designed with flow-control application processes in mind.

Multipump Control Solutions

Get the best functionality and cost-efficiency from your process with the VACON 100 FLOW. Choose from three Multipump control solutions, each of which offers unsurpassed control of flow and pressure. Demand for water or ventilation fluctuates throughout the course of a day. For instance, cooling water demand in a plant may peak during the day as the plant runs at full capacity. Conversely, in the middle of the night the plant may run at reduced capacity, reducing the requirements for cooling water. The use of several pumps instead of just a single one, results in higher efficiency as several pumps share the load. This also makes the system more redundant: if one pump fails, the others can take on its load.

Single Drive Pump System

Multipump control is a single drive solution in which one AC drive controls, the leading pump. If the demand exceeds the capabilities of the pump, additional fixed-speed pumps can be connected online directly or with a soft starter. You can choose between fixed setups and solutions in which the leading and auxiliary pumps alternate in roles to equalise wear and tear.

Single Drive System in Brief 

  • Maximum of 8 pumps.
  • No need for an external controller.
  • Alternation of all pumps or only auxiliary pumps.

Typical Applications for Vacon® 100 Flow Drives

Industrial Water Treatment – Cooling Water Systems, Boiler Water Systems.
General Industry – Compressors, Pumps and Fans.

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